Today (almost the whole week) the weather it’s been SO hot, I wish I could bring air conditioner with me the whole day! Anyway, it was time for lunch after filling forms for university, SO went have lunch with the sis and the best friend to this place called “Natural”, the name says itself, they have natural juices, smoothies, tea, coffee, sandwiches, etc.

So we were walking around near where we parked, we found that place, it looked fresh, which was exactly what we wanted!




We had fresh juices, mine was pineapple and lemon.


The place was pretty chill, with a cool theme. They had pictures of famous people in México and they named the meals and juices after the artists.


So I had a Tuna Panini I really can’t rememberthe actual name, ups!



It was a pretty big Panini so I got help, but it so yummy I had to eat everything! Haha.👌🍴🍞🍍


With a little help from my friends🎶🎵


I’ll leave an awkward selfie over here…

Kisses xx😚

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