Sunday Afternoon was brought to you by: Sugar

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2014-05-25 14.54.00 Cappuccino, Lindt Café style. And two delightful new Lindor ball flavours: coconut (milk chocolate shell filled with coconut and white chocolate ganâche) and almond (milk chocolate shell filled with an excellent bitter almond flavoured ganâche, rather than your standard whole nut or praline).  And into my handbag for later went the other new flavour, cappuccino (white chocolate shell with ground coffee flecks, and a not-too-sweet coffee and milk chocolate ganâche centre).

20140525_164503 More crazy specials at Messina*

*Dr Evil was a winner: dark chocolate gelato with peanut butter cookies and  – why not? – dulce de leche.  The Bondi Hipster was too hilare to ignore: rice milk sorbet with coconut and chia seed custard and quinoa crunch.  But disappointingly (though perhaps unsurprisingly) it was totes disgusting.  Quinoa does not need to be frozen in a gelato, ever – it is still stuck in my teeth.  And rice milk sorbet was not…

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