Too cool for school!

always on the go!

always on the go!

So this week I’ve been trying to adapt to school schedule again, its hard after summer, but I’m getting back on track and of course…

Who doesn’t want to look good for school? We all do! So for school I like not the I-just-walked-out-of-the-fashion-show look, but a effortless, relaxed, and stylish look.

I’ve been into these shoes a lot! (not only because my boyfriend gave them to me, but how cute and comfy are they!). So they’ve been my go-to shoes.

Where I lived before summer was way too hot, I mean summer It’s supposed to be hot. Here in Mexico City summer is rainy and super cold in the morning, but it is warmer in the evening. So you always have to be prepared, why not comfy shoes, nice cardigan and chill striped shirt!


Don't mind my weird and crazy face.

Don’t mind my weird and crazy face

A girl needs her caffeine

Necklace from Forever21


Shirt from Bershka Jeans froms Levi´s Shoes from Bershka Cardigan from Forever21 Purse from TodoModa Purse Keychain from Michael Kors

Thank you for reading I hope you enjoyed! xo VT

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