I´ve been living here in Mexico City for a short time but since I´ve been here, I´ve visited some pretty cool places that I would love to share, so some of these pics are old, from my spring break vacations, but I thought now would be the prefect time to post them!

So I really enjoy going around new places now and then to really get to know the culture and people from all the places I´ve been to and where I live. I believe it is a way to enrich yourself with beautiful moments and experiences, and if you find yourself in a new store like, why not? Lets shop!


Bellas Artes is one of the most antique places here in Mexico city, very crowded of course! But definitely worth it to visit. You can go watch Ballet, contemporary dance, Music, Plays and so much more.


A few days ago I visited Reforma for a project, and besides being cold (because it was 8 am) it was very nice to see art from some medicine studies, it was not the usual I mean, most artists paint their own pieces or photograph people and stuff like that, but this was science so It was really interesting



Another place I loved was the Inbursa Aquarium. I´m a huge animal lover, and I have a weird obsession for sharks. YES I know I´m weird. But anyway, It was really really fun, I was tempted to buy a pink little shark, well my bf gave it to me as a gift, I loved it!




Around the city there is plenty of random and cute places you can grab something to eat, weather it is something fast and simple or a big meal where you can sit down with friends and family.

California Kitchen

California Kitchen


Pretzel Food Truck, its is adorable!

Pretzel Food Truck, its is adorable!


Elixir Pressed Juice ❤ It was very fancy.

go green!

Go Green!

I really love this ice cream shop, you can have any type of flavor, with some red wine, tequila,vodka panda flavored, Baileys Vanilla Flavored, it is just amazing!IMG_2561

Helado Obscuro

Helado Obscuro


The best coffee Ever! Random Coffee place, I can’t remember the name I am the worst!!!

Extra OOTD of the post!

Extra OOTD of the post!

So Im till  looking out for some new places that I can visit and try. I really love going to new random places, so I hope you enjoyed this post, and thank you for taking the time to read! Love You! Xo

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