They say the best things in life are free. For example, enjoying friday night and pampering yourself is totally free!

So today was very chill and relaxed, it is been a busy week, but still I like to look nice and like I took the time to get ready and pull off a great ootd.unnamed-13

my baby

my baby

Because fall is getting closer, I decided to wear this blouse in a very pretty dark green color with dark jeans and black booties, and paired it with layered necklaces. My baby Luna could´t resist to be in the photos so she joined me<3



She jumped to my lap!

The blouse has an open cut in the back, I really tried to make it show in the pictures but It´s hard to see it in photos, I swear it looks adorable and very sexy in a subtle way.

My fri-yay consisted of, Netflix, a book, coffee and a little bit of shopping! Honestly my expectationunnamed-2s for the weekend were a little bit different, maybe a cocktail, high heels,and my girlfriends… the prefect weekend right? But what could be more perfect than a great story while sipping a cup of the best coffee ever. Marvelous. I honestly feel like I´m betraying my beloved Starbucks, but honestly, who can resist to cinnamon flavored coffee with a Mexican touch? I just can´t. unnamed-4unnamed-5

And of course I had to stop by the body shop for some essentials. unnamed-6unnamed-7I just started reading Eleanor & Park, my sister recommended it to me. The books will always be better than the movies so, why not!


I´m the type of person to go out and have fun as much as I can and just enjoy company. But once in a while It´s good to take break, enjoy a book, buy something nice, organize your space, ideas, and just chill for a day. Sometimes ME time is great!

Thank you for reading! xo

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