School´s Cool !!!

So  it is been about a month since I started school again, and we all have those essential every day products or just stuff we need for the day to stay organized and of course look amazing! School is great when you love what you do, so why not trying to keep it cute and carry your essentials in a cute bag .

So my essentials for everyday would be of course a cute little pack back, I do not use it everyday because it is kinda small, but occasionally I do use it, I love it you can fit everything in there, I got it from New Look, from my little trip to England, It is the best quality I can assure you, they have the best quality stuff in my opinion. Second I carry my notebooks, my schedule and homework planner, I have to stay organized either way, I´m a bug mess. The book I´m currently reading is Eleanor & Park, it is great by the way. My hand lotion and body mist from Victoria´s Secret. My mini Michael Kors wallet I just love it. A little bag for my makeup and of course eos lip balm, a girl always gotta have a lip balm in handy! My Macbook to use it when I have breaks just to do homework cause I really don´t like to do it at home, I get WAY too distracted. And OBVIOUSLY my coffee mug from Starbucks, I´m the type of girl who enjoys a nice cup of coffee, just take me on a date and buy me the best coffee ever and I´ll fall in love with you instantly! lol. Okay not literally but yeah you get the point.

large-2 Here´s another example of what you can bring to school with you, I would also bring everything that is in this picture to school with me.

I felt like posting something like this for all the beauties out there, so I hope you liked it and thanks for reading! xo

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