So I know this is not the whole rococo costume/dress of the 18th century, but I felt like this outfit was a much modern rococo revival of the clothing at the time.

Personally the 17th-18th century fashion, is my favorite style from all fashion history, I love the way they took the time to really dress up, they did dress to impress.

It´s interesting the fact that as time goes by and world changes, fashion changes as well. Society in the Baroque era, dressed to show the world their social status and their wealth in the clothing, it´s like nowadays in a modern era we think, quote “I like my money where I can see it, hanging in my closet”.

But my fav period of baroque art is rococo, also known as late baroque period. This is when art and architecture was merely decorative, colors and textures were softer and lighter, less dramatic, but still classy and mixing textures, contrasting fabrics, jewelry, embroidery applied trims and other types of ornamentation were essential in the clothing style of baroque.


The contrast of jewelry and different fabrics, can give the rococo feel to the outfit.




Blouse: Zara

Jeans: pull&bear

shoes: steve madden

Jewelry: Forever21

bag: Westies


Thank you for reading xo ❤

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