Winter Things

Between christmas shopping and chilled days with the fam and friends, this winter break is looking perfect so far.

My likes include Starbucks Lattes, cozy blankets, ice skating, wrapping up gifts, parties, christmas playlists (Don´t judge) and suede skirts, well suede everything.


Suede is very appropriate to keep you warm, and so does plaid, this is my favorite combo for a winter day, weather you are picking up presents, a coffee date, this will keep you warm in style.

You might be told you look like a woodsman.

And you gotta embrace it girl.



Btw you should check out Ariana Grande´s Christmas and Chill new album, I´m obsessed, It´s amazing!


Skirt. Zara

Shoes. Zara

Shirt. American Eagle

Scarf. Forever21

Beauties I hope you have very happy holidays and thanks for reading, lots of love, Val ❤


6 thoughts on “Winter Things

  1. thehomemakerslife says:

    Love how you combined the tights with the outfit. Very cute! This would make a great fall look for school too 🙂

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